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My Cooking and Kitchen

 I like good food, but also I prefer it to be healthy. I do not mind occasional treats like a piece of Key Lime Pie, but I watch my calories and carb intake.

Calorie count

The main rule of healthy eating is to eat less. 
My goal is to consume 1200-1600 Kcal per day

Healthy ingredients

Counting calories means smaller portions, so the ingredient's choice becomes important to make sure they are full of nutrients

Carb control

Excessive carb intake not only causes the weight gain, but also is a source of inflammation. I follow low carb/keto diet. It really made a difference.

Mindful cooking

Food preparation is a magic. It reveals the layers of flavors and is truly an art. Healthy cooking can definitely taste delicious and is a true art.

Stuffed lettuce leaves

This is my own version of the popular Mediterranean dish.

Fried Salmon Skin Wraps

This snack was inspired by sushi, but it does not contain rice. No carbs, full of protein and Omega 3.