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The Beauty of 50+

My name is Sabrina, and I turned 53 in 2021,

I am a dedicated skincare enthusiast, culinary traveler, loving wife, and affectionate mother of a daughter aged 22.

Photographer Myself

Southern Gardening

I live in Northern Florida, - a beautiful country dotted with magnificent live oaks (there are few huge ones around) and beautiful magnolia trees. The blooming is all year round: from camellias around Christmas time to the lilies late in the fall. I do not have a green thumb, so my garden is not the greatest. But I planted four new dogwoods this spring, and we will see how it goes.

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Beautiful Live Oak in my yard
Photographer: Me

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I remember when I was young, I could not imagine myself being 50 years old. At that time women of that age seems like grandmas for me. Now, when my life journey got me here, I feel like I have to business being this old!

But I am so excited and looking forward to the years ahead. There is so much to learn, to enjoy, and to try! So this is something like my online diary to keep the account of beautiful moments of life.

My Fashion

I am not alone having a closet full of stuff, with clothing overflowing to my husband's side, but I am not a style guru.
I am a tightwad so, I am not ready to spend $$ every year following new trends. But I love to watch runway shows and notice little things to add to my image to feel and look up to date.


Music, art, photography, yoga, meditation, spiritual practices, collectibles - I try it all and enjoy learning new things about objects, other cultures, and science.


healthy eating

My Kitchen and Recipies